Believe it or not, Bill started magic at the young age of three when his father sent a dime in for a magic catalog that they thought would never arrive! A couple of years later he met a magician who introduced him to many renowned magicians at "the Magic Capital of the World," in Colon Michigan. Driving into Colon you might see someone levitating right in the center of the road or breathing fire along the side-walk. Everywhere was filled with the wonder of magic.

As a teen Bill performed at numerous fairs, schools and clubs. In the 1980's Bill began helping the disabled using magic as therapy in the program called "Project Magic." Bill worked with the local occupational therapist at Oroville hospital developing simple tricks that the patient would enjoy practicing that would also be therapeutic to the injured portion of their body.

 Bill has been involved in the direction the magic programs for one of the largest summer camps on the east-coast for nearly two decades . At the camp he has taught kids not only slight of hand and magic-craft, but how to perform large stage illusions with entertaining presentations.

Bill frequently helps other illusionists such as his good friend Victor Kent and Kent Family Circus. He has performed with them in places, besides all over California, such as Las Vegas, Palm Springs, and the festivals in the mid-west and along the east-coast.


Bill is a credentialed teacher with a degree in English and Theater. As a school teacher he often surprises the kids with an actual "bag of tricks,". Bill is constantly innovating with his magic to create something new.